Venn Group's annual charity day in aid of Shelter

Recently, Venn Group held its annual charity day, which this year is in support of Shelter. 135 families become homeless every day in Britain – that’s one family every 11 minutes. Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through advice, support and legal services. The Venn Group charity committee organised a variety of events which took place across various Venn Group offices. And included everything from food challenges, a blind auction, baby photo competitions, fancy dress and even a sponsored shaving! There was also a few bake sales and the company-wide raffle. Charity at Venn Group is entrenched in their business. While there are obvious positive implications of fundraising for a worthy cause, it is a Venn Group belief that it similarly offers a benefit to all Venn Group employees. It brings their people together, instilling the sense of comradery that is pivotal to Venn Group’s culture. It is also a mechanism for their employees to get involved in new and exciting experiences. The accomplishments of Venn Group employees’ over the course of the year so far includes the Vitality Big Half, sponsored skydiving, scaling Tower 42 and countless events throughout their offices. An incredible total of £28,000 was raised during their 2018 charity of the year, Cancer Research UK.

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