Biffa announces three-year partnership with WasteAid

Biffa announces charity partnership with charity WasteAid to help developing countries manage waste

  • One in three people globally do not have access to waste management

  • 70% of plastic in the world’s oceans comes from places with no waste management facilities

  • Biffa will share its experience and expertise to make a genuine difference in communities without waste management

Biffa plc, a leading UK integrated waste management company, recently announced a three-year partnership with UK-based charity WasteAid, which will see the business support WasteAid financially and offer its expertise to help communities in developing countries improve the management of waste. In the UK and developed countries, the collection and management of waste is taken for granted. However, in many developing countries a waste management service simply does not exist, with one in three people having no access to any such facilities. This means that 40% of the world’s waste – from homes, businesses, agriculture, hospitals and industry – is not collected or treated and as a result, it is often dumped. Much of it makes its way to the world’s oceans, with 70% of plastic marine litter coming from places without waste management facilities. WasteAid works with communities in developing countries to share practical and low-cost approaches to waste management and recycling. Its innovative projects include teaching communities how to turn water bottles into eco bricks to build homes and schools, as well converting plastic bags into paving slabs which can be sold to local businesses. By partnering with WasteAid, Biffa will be able to bring financial support and its extensive experience in addressing complex waste issues in the UK to areas with no previous access to waste management. As a leading waste management business that collects 4.1m tonnes of waste from UK homes and businesses a year and processes and treats over 3.7m tonnes of waste and recycling, Biffa is well placed to put its knowledge and operational expertise to good use. The work with WasteAid will not only benefit the environment on a global scale, it will also help to bring a better quality of life to people in these areas as well as create jobs and opportunities. Michael Topham, Chief Executive at Biffa, commented: “We are proud to support WasteAid and share our expertise in parts of the world that urgently need to tackle the complex issue of how to manage waste in a sustainable manner. Our financial and technical support will help WasteAid to expand its operations, providing more communities with much needed help as they seek to develop sustainable waste management practices.” Zoë Lenkiewicz, Head of Programmes and Engagement at WasteAid, adds: “One in three people globally do not have a waste management service and have to burn or dump their waste, much of it ending up in the oceans. This transformational partnership with Biffa will mean that together we can help tackle the issues at the source of global waste pollution.” Biffa has already supplied vital Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) including Safety boots, High visibility clothing, Face Masks and Litter Pickers to an existing WasteAid project in Gunjur, The Gambia, West Africa. Future projects include working with the local community on the shores of Lake Naivasha in Kenya, East Africa, to collect, manage and recycle waste from where they work growing flowers for the European cut flower market to provide a cleaner environment and green jobs. Biffa employees, customers and suppliers will have the opportunity to get involved in fundraising for the company wide partnership of supporting the work of WasteAid - both in the UK and overseas. For more information on the partnership, please click here

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