Allianz Partners UK is looking for South London charities to partner

Allianz Partners UK, has launched their search for its 2019 local charity partner as part of its commitment to giving back to the community. Allianz Partners UK employs around 500 people at their Croydon offices. Their corporate social responsibility programme is called “Dare to Care”. And over the next 12 months Allianz wants to establish a charity partnership with a local charity to drive fundraising activities and awareness campaigns. During the past year, Allianz Partners’ CSR programme included visits to Foal Farm and Frylands Scout Centre, where volunteers supported the 2 local initiatives to complete various building, clearing and redecorating projects. Whilst fundraising, Allianz employees participate in various charity fundraising events, but in 2019, Allianz is looking to take their charity work to new heights. Having been based in Croydon for nearly 40 years, Allianz Partners UK has worked with numerous charities, supporting local projects by fundraising, donating gifts, and volunteering time to help create change in the community. All charity and CSR work is important to the wider community as it helps employees broaden their social awareness, become engaged with local activities and develop their own skills. Please submit your application by clicking here with the title “Allianz Partners Charity Partner 2019” by 22.10.2018. Charities can apply online by clicking here

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