HUMEN have partnered with Most Days as part of their mission to improve and maintain men's mental health, and to stop men from suffering in silence. Men make up 75% of suicides, but are half as likely to be diagnosed with depression.

Behind those numbers is the reality that men don't talk about their mental health. 4,657 men took their own lives in the UK in 2020, that's 14 every day. HUMEN are leading a movement to change what it means to be a man, and to find new ways to offer support that men can engage with.

The new service with Most Days offers men access to a range of professional advice curated by HUMEN and Most Days. Core to the platform is encouragement to set and maintain healthy routines that improve mental wellbeing every day. These routines can be personalised to each user, and the Most Days app provides encouragement and recognition.

By uniting two organizations with mutual goals, this partnership will equip members with tools, support, and expert advice to improve their mental health.

River Hawkins, Founder and CEO of HUMEN said "We know that to help men best we need to offer ways to strengthen mental wellbeing that feel comfortable, familiar, and can fit with our modern lifestyles. This partnership with the Most Days app means mental health training can become an easy part of every day, and we can train and grow stronger together."

"We are excited that Most Days will be a place for people to find the community and for HUMEN community members to come together between HUMEN Space sessions, where they can support one another and interact with one another throughout their mental health journey," says Most Days CEO, Brent Franson.

Most Days is a life improvement platform for mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Backed by science, Most Days is built to help you understand what you need to do to improve your life.

Registered charity HUMEN is a movement to improve and maintain men's mental health. Moving beyond the false and limiting notions of what it means to be a man, or a lad, or a bloke. Creating a better world for men and women, where inner health is valued as much as outer.

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