Allianz reveals which two charities have been chosen as part of the ‘Community Fund’ pledge

Allianz Insurance pledges £30,000 each year to local charities close to its largest UK office in Guildford, Surrey.

Allianz Insurance employees have chosen which two Surrey charities will benefit from the second donation of the Allianz Community Fund, which was launched in February last year, in partnership with the Community Foundation for Surrey (CFS).

After pledging £15,000 to the CFS in March as part of its emergency Coronavirus funding, employees decided that Action for Carers and Streetlight UK would be the beneficiaries of the final £15,000 donation through the CFS Allianz Community Fund this year.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been particularly difficult for carers, making an already lonely and challenging role even harder. Action for Carers helps Surrey’s carers aged 5-95, providing free information, advice and support. This includes benefits help, advocacy, practical training, workshops, events, support groups, free resources and more, helping carers feel less stressed, more in control, and giving them a little time out.

Streetlight UK provides specialist support for women in Surrey and Sussex who are involved in prostitution and who are being sexually exploited. Allianz’s fund will help the charity continue to offer a non-judgemental, non-discriminatory, and confidential service to women involved in the trade in Guildford.

Carolyn Rich, head of brand and social responsibility, Allianz Insurance, commented:

“As a business, we aim to secure the future for our customers, employees and for society. We’re really proud to have launched the Allianz Community Fund last year. Guildford is home to our largest office in the UK and we’re delighted to have found a way we could support different charities in our local community.

“Our panel of employees were very impressed with the amazing work carried out by Streetlight UK and Action for Carers, so we are delighted to be able to support them both.”

Rachel Brennan, manager of the Adult Carer Support service of Action for Carers, said:

"It’s fantastic to have the funding from the Allianz Community Fund for our ‘A little time for me’ fund, which will enable us to give small grants to carers for a much needed break for themselves.

“During this difficult time it is even more complicated for carers to leave the person they care for and they struggle to find that vital ‘me time’. This can result in carers becoming exhausted and stressed.

“This funding will enable us to help carers access hobbies, fitness, IT to keep connected or other important activities which they would have otherwise not been able to do, with huge benefits to both their mental and physical wellbeing. Thank you so much for providing the funding.”

Helena Croft, director of Streetlight UK said:

“This Grant from the Allianz Community Fund, managed by the Community Foundation for Surrey, is hugely encouraging for our ongoing work, in supporting a growing and vulnerable group of women across Surrey; which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. We could not do what we do without local partnerships such as this, which have become ever more vital in ensuring our users receive the valuable specialist support they need.”

The donation will be split between the two, with Action for Carers receiving £5,000 and Streetlight UK receiving £10,000 of the £15,000 pledge.

To be considered by the Allianz Community Fund applications can be made to the Community Foundation for Surrey. Details of how to apply can be found at

Find out more about the projects Allianz has funded:

Action for Carers

Action for Carers aims to give carers a voice, champion their rights, raise awareness of their needs, and to achieve equitable services and support for carers in Surrey. They offer 1-to-1 support, advice and specialist support to carers.

The money donated by the fund aims to help carers take a break and have some ‘me time’, without having to worry if the person they care for is going to come to any harm. Carers could choose to buy sports equipment or art materials so they can do a hobby at home. Some have requested a laptop or tablet so they can take part in the charity’s online classes or support groups.

A break for a carer can mean as little as half an hour to sit down and do a hobby and have some ‘me time’ to a night out with their partner. But the benefits to their mental and physical health and wellbeing can be huge.

Streetlight UK

Streetlight UK provides specialist support for women in Surrey and Sussex who are involved in prostitution and who are being sexually exploited.

Approximately 105,000 individuals in the UK are believed to be involved in prostitution. Streetlight's work helps build safer communities, preventing prostitution or exploitation from occurring in the first place.

The charity’s staff and volunteers are trained to spot signs of trafficking and identify if there is third party profiting from the prostitution, which provides crucial intelligence to the police. They educate women on the risks involved with prostitution as well as associated crimes that they may be subjected to and work with them if they wish to exit the industry.

Streetlight UK helps women live life free of sexual exploitation, value themselves as individuals and make fresh choices in their lives that benefit their wellbeing.

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