Rainer Hughes raises over £41,000 in charity donations

Rainer Hughes raises over £41,000 in charity donations in partnership with Will Aid, becoming one of the highest donating firms in the country

Rainer Hughes continues to extend their support for Will Aid and has raised over £41,000 for this year. Rainer Hughes has extended the deadline for this year to the second week of December.

London and Essex based law firm, Rainer Hughes, continue to extend their support for Will Aid as they decided to extend their November deadline until the 2nd week of December. During this period, Rainer Hughes and Free Will Aid encourages everyone to have a professionally written Will and make donations to the partner charities.

The firm offers to donate their Will writing fee to these charities, while also providing free Wills for the needy. The clients are encouraged to make these donations directly to Will Aid during this period.

This will be running every week until December 10th. The initiative was first started in the year 1996 and firm has raised well over £41,000 and counting as the proceedings for this year continue.

The money raised is shared between 9 of UK’s biggest and best-known charities, namely: ActionAid, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, NSPCC, Save the Children, Sightsavers and Age UK. Will Aid has also recognised Rainer Hughes as one of the highest donating firms in the UK.

Michael Casson, head of Private Client department at Rainer Hughes, mentioned, “It’s a privilege to continue to be a part of Will Aid as the scheme puts a lot of people as ease. Most people have been putting it off for years and were glad they finally did it.

“There’s a misconception that discussing Wills can be a form of tempting fate and that it might raise complications. Everyone should make a Will for those who love them and care for them, so they ensure they leave their affairs in order.”

“We are very proud to offer our support to Will Aid for another year and it was a very easy decision for us. The scheme provides people with a perfect opportunity to get a professionally written Will, therefore ensuring their wishes are protected after their demise.

“Additionally, it allows us to support nine important causes, whose finances have been impacted greatly as a result of Coronavirus.” Official statement made by Rainer Hughes.

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