Encore Radio announces London's Mousetrap Theatre Projects as its 2019 Charity of the Year

Encore Radio launched in 2016 and since then they've had a real passion for all aspects of theatre and this is the first year they have established a charity partner. Encore Radio have been hugely inspired by Mousetrap Theatre Projects’ work and Encore Radio share their belief that all young people should have the opportunity to attend or engage with theatre, irrespective of their cultural, social or economic background. Susan Whiddington, Director of Mousetrap Theatre Projects, said “We are thrilled and very honoured to be Encore Radio’s Charity of the Year. We believe our mission to open theatre doors to 1,000s of young people and their families each year can be life-changing. It means a lot to us that Encore Radio recognises and values the life-enriching benefits that access to the arts offers to young people.” Mousetrap Theatre Projects founded in 1997, has been opening the doors of London’s theatre to young people and families who would otherwise consider them closed. Over the past year they have helped more than 13,000 young people attend the theatre. For many of these young people, this would have been their first theatre visit. For full details on Encore Radio's charity of the year, including ways you can also help, please visit their dedicated charity page by clicking here.

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