The Peter Sowerby Foundation increases Access Fund

The new Increasing Access Fund is targeted to support organisations to develop new services that respond to the Covid-19 situation, or to adapt existing services to meet local and national needs. The Fund is aimed specifically at ensuring or increasing access to key services and activities for beneficiaries who have struggled with access due to Covid-19. The Foundation will also consider supporting programmes which provide access for beneficiaries to new services which have been developed in response to a clear Covid-19 need.

The value of the Fund is £1.4million, which we will give to organisations nationally working within the key domains of:

  • Healthcare Innovation – Organisations in the fields of disability, medical research, mental health and those supporting individuals with long-term health conditions.

  • Community – Organisations working with young people, especially those considered disadvantaged, delivering support to those disproportionately affected by Covid-19 and/or those working to support isolated older people.

  • Environment – Organisations working in the area of horticulture and conservation which have been significantly financially impacted by the closure of venues.

  • Arts – Organisations working in the area of arts, health and well-being where services and programmes are being adapted to benefit communities impacted by Covid-19.

Applications should align with the Foundation’s key aims and objectives and also reflect the Peter Sowerby Foundation’s ethos on innovation and impact

Applications must be with us by 5pm on Monday 16th November 2020. 

Grants of up to £25,000 are available for smaller charities working within the areas of community, environment and the arts to transform or adapt their services digitally.

The new £1.4 million Increasing Access Fund aims to ensure or increase access to key services and activities for beneficiaries who have struggled with access due to COVID-19.

The grants will support charities to digitally enable access to services, or to adapt their delivery of existing services to comply with social distancing or other COVID-response measures.

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