Passport Technology raises £7000 for CHIPS Charity

In a continuous effort focused on giving back to the community, Passport Technology proudly donates an aggregated £7,000 to the CHIPS Charity. With this donation, Passport has contributed over £30,000 to support the gaming and local communities in the UK.

Founded in 2001 on behalf of the UK Gaming industry, CHIPS raise funds for the purchase of specialised powered wheelchairs for youngsters with varying disabilities. The CHIPS Charity committee, which is formed from senior members of the Gaming Industry, work for free, no expenses are deducted, and 100% of every penny raised goes towards providing the quality of life that is the right of every child.

"CHIPS is such a wonderful selfless organisation providing a great benefit to community in need," states Helen Bowditch, VP of International Business Development. "The impact CHIPS have on the lives of children is something we are proud to support and look forward to promoting. We believe in the importance of giving back to the community when possible, and it's always been a core tenet of our company. It is this principle that encouraged us to design a feature in our CashValet service that present casino patrons with an opportunity to support the local community through donations as well."

Passport Technology's innovative cash access solutions benefit dozens of casinos across the UK, Europe, and Canada. Our multi-jurisdictional payment platform solution delivers the highest levels of security, compliance, privacy, and AML, demonstrating a commitment to providing purposeful, socially responsible functionality never before available in the casino payments industry.

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