EE customers can now save money off their monthly phone bill and donate to global causes

EE customers can now save money off their monthly phone bill and donate to global social causes ...

  • EE is the only UK mobile provider to allow customers to save money off their monthly bill in exclusive partnership with sustainable ad platform WeAre8

  • New partnership means EE customers can save money, as well as positively impact the world when they watch branded promotional content

  • EE customers can now enjoy WeAre8 as part of EE Up, a new benefit and reward platform in the My EE app

EE, the UK's largest mobile operator, has partnered with WeAre8 to allow customers to help pay their mobile bills and make a significant social impact in return for watching promotional content from a number of well-known brands.

By watching a video and answering 1-3 short questions, customers will receive up to 20p in their EE Up wallet, and a donation of 5% is also automatically given to charity. Customers can choose to donate to charities that are helping to end food poverty and reverse climate change, or pay off their monthly phone bill* using the earned money in their EE Up wallet.

EE mobile customers can sign up to WeAre8 via EE Up, a new platform in the My EE app that offers exclusive experiences, rewards, competitions and benefits. Each time a customer engages with a branded video from EE, a donation will also be made to Unicef.

EE is the only WeAre8 partner that gives users the option to save money off their monthly bill. It marks a unique shift in the way EE is helping its customers, by delivering tailored content in order to save money and support a charitable cause.

WeAre8 has built technology that connects people and brands in a transformational way, rewarding people for their time. The partnership combines EE's number one network in the UK with the power of the WeAre8 technology so that global issues can be actioned with millions of small actions.

After customers sign up, they are sent a personal link and can control the frequency** and time of day they want to receive brand videos via SMS, email, or both, so they can earn money and make a positive impact at a time that suits them.

Sharon Meadows Director of Propositions at EE said: "We wanted to reward our customers with the best range of flexible benefits, so we've launched EE Up in the My EE app. As well as the usual giveaways and competitions, we're giving customers more by offering an easy way to give back to society. We've all had more time on our hands in recent months and in a matter of minutes per day, our customers can get money off their monthly bills and also give back to causes they care about through WeAre8."

Sue Fennessy, CEO and Founder at WeAre8 said: "We built the WeAre8 platform to unite millions of people with thousands of advertisers to address the world's biggest problems. I am delighted to announce our UK partnership with EE, making it simple for their customers to help pay off some their mobile bill and positively change the world in just two minutes a day."

For more information on EE's partnership with WeAre8 and how customers can subsidise their phone bill or donate to charities, visit the EE Up section of the My EE app.

*Minimum redemption from £1. Incoming funds take 30 days to become available.

** Following the initial launch, customers can expect to receive ~3 branded videos per week, with this number increasing to 1-2 per day as the platform evolves.

As a part of the sign up process, users will need to provide personal details such as their name, email and mobile number, and watch an introductory WeAre8 video

Customers can expect to be served branded content from major brands and charities

EE Up is available to all EE Mobile PAYM and PAYG customers, it is not available to customers on business plans.

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