LLWR (Low Level Waste Repository Ltd) workforce raise £10000 for cancer charity helping young suffer

Big donation to company's charity of the year Danica's Dream Fund delights group founder. The late Danica Maxwell’s Dad revealed his delight after the LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR) workforce raised £10,000 for the charity that bears her name. John Maxwell, who works on the LLWR Site in Cumbria, wants to thank in person, when social distancing guidelines allow, all those who contributed to Egremont based Danica’s Dream Fund, our Charity of the Year in 2019/20. “I was blown away when I found out that Danica’s charity reached £10,000, our family is chuffed to bits,” he said. “Working with LLWR over funding has been brilliant, even listening to people talk about the charity who didn’t even know Danica or me. “I was just a face they saw checking passes at work, but they now know I’m also a Dad who’s been hurting, as well as doing good with charity work. When it calms down around COVID I’d like to thank everyone personally.” Danica passed away in 2010 aged just 15, following three brain tumours, and the charity has since raised over £200,000 for young cancer sufferers and their families, to make their lives more comfortable, through gifts such as laptop computers, phones, games and even short holiday breaks. John added: “Charity fundraising has really fallen since the COVID outbreak, so I’m glad LLWR raised this amount to help loads of families. “I said to my wife Allison that cancer was here well before COVID, it’s here during COVID and will still be here after COVID, so I still need to do that little extra to fundraise.”

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