Fusion21 donate £100k to help local charities across the UK

Fusion21 via its Foundation has given a massive, £100,000 donation to The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), Coronavirus Emergency Fund. The Emergency Fund has been set up as charities face increasing pressures due to the Coronavirus Crisis. During the crisis, many charities are facing financial difficulties and are struggling to deliver much needed support to their communities across the UK so the fund will help to minimise the disruption by offering one-time grants of up to £10,000, which will be made available to help organisations survive during the current health emergency. The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) were highlighted by Fusion21 as an organisation they would like to help mainly due to the fact they are able to channel funding down to a community level quickly and effectively. Chris Murray, Chair of Fusion21, said; “We selected CAF as they have the ability to help local charities quickly, this will really help to address charity sector resilience during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, the charities that CAF support have a very similar spread across the UK to our Fusion21 member organisations, ensuring the donation will also reach out to benefit our members communities.” One of the key aims of the Fusion21 Foundation is to create a positive and sustainable social impact in the communities they work in, across the UK. Monica Brown, CAF’s Head of Charity Advisory and Programmes, added: “CAF set up this fund to get speedy help to small charitable organisations across the UK and we are very proud to work with groups such as Fusion21 to grow the fund and help as many charities as possible to keep their doors open, cover essential costs and be there for our most vulnerable when they are needed in the days and months ahead.”

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