Landsail Tyres extends charity partnership with driving charity Speed of Sight

Disabled driving charity Speed of Sight and Landsail Tyres have announced a major extension of their title sponsorship deal for 2019. An incredible initial year in 2018 saw the Manchester-based charity use the partnership to extend its reach across the UK, offering more car enthusiasts with disabilities the chance to enjoy the thrill of driving on a track day than ever before. After charity co-founder and blind speed world record-holder Mike Newman and his team detailed the charity’s growth plans for 2019, which will see further increases in the number of experiences it offers, Landsail jumped at the chance to extend the partnership. John Galloway, who co-founded the charity with Mike Newman, said that maintaining its relationship with Landsail was a key foundation block for Speed of Sight’s plans. “Thanks to the support and exposure our partnership with Landsail Tyres created last year, we have attracted a lot more supporter organisations within the motor industry,” he said. “But to get our expansion plans going - holding more events at more venues, expanding our office to process more applications, basically offering more disabled people the chance to enjoy track-day driving - we wanted to keep Landsail on board. “They have been our most supportive partner and they transformed how we thought about sponsorship, partnerships and how we as a charity engage with businesses and supporters. Peter Cross, Landsail’s UK Commercial Manager, said the tyre brand had forged a strong relationship with Speed of Sight over the past 12 months and was proud to extend the partnership. “There is a perfect synergy between Landsail, a tyre brand that is trusted by millions, and Speed of Sight, where the service users place their trust completely in professional race drivers to advise and - in certain cases - navigate for them,” he said. “In just a year this partnership has become incredibly important to us. We have seen first hand the impact the volunteers’ work has on those who apply for track days and we’ve been able to share that with our UK retailers. “It is a very emotional experience for disabled people, whether they’ve had to stop driving or have never been able to, to go out with Speed of Sight and take control of a performance car. Working with them to to help offer that feeling to a growing number of people is special, and we take enormous pride in seeing Speed of Sight continue to thrive. “We even shared the Speed of Sight experience with some of our customers, sending them out for a drive blindfolded with Speed of Sight around Three Sisters racetrack in Wigan. It was an experience they reported had altered their understanding of disability and what is possible, hopefully that is the message we are helping to promote with Speed of Sight.”

Goodyear renews its corporate membership with Transaid for another year

After first pledging its support to Transaid in 2015, Goodyear has renewed its corporate membership for a further year. The company’s commitment will provide essential unrestricted funding towards the testing and implementation of new programmes aimed at improving access to healthcare and road safety in sub-Saharan Africa. Goodyear has also agreed to fund a new bicycle ambulance, which will be used to support the MAMaZ Against Malaria programme in Zambia, which aims at improving access to vital malaria medicines for young children. Last year, the programme’s 12 month pilot in the Serenje district saw exceptional results, recording just three deaths from severe childhood malaria – compared to the 97 deaths that would have ordinarily been expected. The programme is now being scaled up to reach even more isolated communities in need of access to urgent malaria treatment. Goodyear first donated a branded bicycle ambulance in 2015, supporting Transaid’s implementation of a local Emergency Transport Scheme (ETS) for remote communities which had previously faced long walks on foot to access medical services. According to David Howe, Commercial Sales General Manager at Goodyear, the evident positive effect of the company’s support was key to their decision to continue backing Transaid. “We became involved with Transaid because we wanted to help improve the lives of people in Africa, and we’re delighted by the impact we’ve been able to have in such a short space of time. “Knowing our first bicycle ambulance has already helped to save lives made the decision to renew our support a very simple one; we’re naturally very excited to get our second bicycle ambulance into a community in early in 2019.” Caroline Barber, CEO of Transaid, has also expressed her excitement at the announcement: “Our corporate members are essential to the success of Transaid, and we’re delighted Goodyear has renewed its support for another year. They are a fantastic team to work with, and we are excited for what we can continue to achieve together.”

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