The Sainsbury's Local Charity Partnership Scheme

I came across something whilst browsing the Sainsbury's Local Charity Partnership website, that I thought would share with you about the Local Charity Partnership scheme they operate. whilst browsing I found a search feature on their website: This can be found by clicking here. Upon visiting the website, scroll down until you reach 'Find the Local Charity of the Year selected for your store!' and then enter the relevant postcode, your search will list all the Sainsbury stores within that postcode. And upon clicking on each store that is listed, it displays the charity the store has chosen as their charity partner. In some cases, the search query delivers a message that explains that the store vote is still being counted. However, here are some Charity of the Year partnerships that have been announced, and are as follows:

  • Sainsbury's Ventura Park, Tamworth, have chosen the St Giles Hospice and was launched as part of the Local Charity of the Year scheme.

  • Sainsbury's, Trowbridge, have announced that the Trowbridge branch of the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group would be their charity of the year for 2015-2016.

  • Sainsbury's in Upton, Liverpool, have chosen The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity as their charity of the year for 2015/16.

  • Sainsbury's in March, Wisbech, recently announced FACET s as their community charity of the year.

  • Sainsbury's, Oldbury, recently launched their new charity partnership with Dementia charity BUDS.

  • Sainsbury's in Paignton recently launched their charity partnership with Torbay Lifeboat.

  • Sainsbury’s in Newport, on the Isle of Wight, recently launched their partnership with their new Local Charity of the Year, Ability Dogs 4 Young People.

  • Sainsbury’s in Sedgefield turned to its customers when choosing a community cause to support over the next 12 months. Hundreds voted in store and online and Stray Aid, a Coxhoe based charity which rescues lost or abandoned dogs, was chosen as their charity of the year for 2015-2016.

Sainsbury’s stores have raised over £7 million for their local Charity partners over the last 7 years. If your application was unsuccessful this year, then you can enter next year in 2016, as nominations and charities are selected and chosen every 12 months.

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